Helping You Find Your Way in Real Estate


A compass is our mark. Why? We help you find your way forward and our compass reminds us there are always many directions to consider. Where most agents see one direction, we see many. Often your best path to realizing your goals is found following a course of direction not obvious on first blush. We work with you to have clarity on all elements of your real estate deal: Financial, Physical, Emotional, Relational.

With Clarity guiding us as we work with you, our clients, we achieve your goals. Often, because we have tremendous clarity and direction of purpose, your goals are far, far exceeded on the elements you value.


Real Estate is on one level purely about property. That’s obvious and unfortunately many agents only work on this top level. However, on a deeper (often below the surface) level, real estate deals are about a lot of other things in addition to the property: personalities, money, ego, pride, prestige, fear, family, dreams…the list goes on and on. Emotions in real estate exist. Said more simply, in every real estate deal, people are a tremendously variable factor. We understand these variables. We account for them. Plan for them. And never, ever ignore the people variables. It’s one part of what sets us apart from other agents—our understanding of the people across the negotiation table gives you an advantage. We build strategies to achieve your goals that are people centered, financially beneficial and 100% deliverable.

We exist as a company because of our desire to Help you. Our founder started Colorado Realty Experts to share his experience, strength and hope with others from a deep desire to help his clients realize their goals. Through the years he learned (and we all share the belief with him) that helping others is part of his true north. As dispassionate advocates for you, our reason to be is to have your back and help you accomplish your goals. Selling or buying real estate is stressful. Knowing you have a Realtor in your corner who truly has your back is invaluable. Clients tell us time and again that the confidence they have in us is worth our weight in gold.

Our experience has taught us that every client brings to the table their dreams, wants, needs, emotions and finances in their own unique way. Just like everyone’s fingerprints are unique, so too is every transaction. We honor that. You’re not a number or address to us—you’re a client we get the privilege of helping!


At every turn on your journey, our job is to keep your feet grounded in Reality. We won’t let you get your heart set on something that is unrealistic. Or let fear overwhelm you during a decision making process. Pragmatism and clarity guide us and we use those watchwords to counsel you along the path.

Colorado Realty Experts

When you reach the end of the journey you’re taking with Colorado Home Realtors our goal is simple: You will have experienced Clarity working with us, received Helping knowledge as well as counsel and been kept clearly in Reality throughout the entire process.

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