Enjoy a day of golf or tennis on scenic Littleton real estate. The Littleton Golf and Tennis Club welcomes players of all levels with open arms. Located at 5800 S. Federal Blvd., the club lies a bit west of the Mary Carter Greenwood Trail and South Platte River. This executive 18 hole golf course is designed brilliantly for laid back play. Green open spaces, sparkling water features and shady trees bring forth a sense of serenity intermixed with an energetic vibe. Buddies golfing together relish holes in one with high fives and grimace in reaction to missed shots along the way.

Athletes living in Littleton who wish to improve their skill set can take advantage of quality lessons on the grounds. Expert instructors are PGA and LPGA recognized with years of experience. Classes are offered in private, semi-private and group forms. Lesson plans are designed around the individual need of the client and improvement is pretty much a sure thing.

Friends Living in Littleton Pair Up for Fun

Planning an outing with friends is a no brainer. Green fees feature a variety of money saving options including discounts with frequent player punch cards and annual passes. Those who just want to stop in on occasion find trips to be budget friendly as well. Weekly rated fees for residents of Littleton for 18 holes is only $28 per player with a slightly higher increase on the weekends. Discounts also apply for senior players and juniors. Players wanting to really indulge in a relaxing day can rent a golf cart for less than $20.

Indoor courts beckon to those preferring to play a game of tennis. Friends engage in amiable bouts of competitiveness filled with laughter and smiles. Lessons for all ages are offered engaging fundamentals with a fun atmosphere. Leagues and tournaments draw participants from around the Littleton real estate region and beyond. For more information regarding year round tennis court schedules please call the Tennis Center at 303.794.5838.